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How to use vacuum cleaners properly

The vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more popular with every family. However, how to use a vacuum cleaner effectively is not known by everyone. In this article, we will show you five useful tips for handling and storing a vacuum cleaner properly.

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1. ​Use the right vacuum cleaner

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum objects that are too heavy or objects that have a larger diameter than the suction tube of the machine. That can cause clogging of the device, reducing suction power, consuming more electricity, and could even severely damage to the machine.

Do not use it to vacuum high-temperature objects and sharp objects as they may damage the suction tube.

Many good vacuum cleaners can handle wet places like toilets, bathrooms, etc. But, the most common vacuum cleaners in our family are dry vacuum cleaners. We should place vacuum cleaners in dry places, avoid contact with water as that may cause electric leakage. It is dangerous for users.

2. Clean brush rolls and filters regularly

The vacuum cleaner sometimes works ineffectually because of something stuck inside. You can check by using small and long hooks to hook the nozzle. The stuck objects could be socks, small toys, or handkerchiefs. Sometimes, you should also check the HEPA filters of your vacuum cleaner. After a period of use, some things may get caught in the nozzle and the filter. These can be dental floss, hair, etc. Such obstructions will reduce the efficiency of the machine.

Some top rated best vacuum cleaners  brands have designs that make the vacuum cleaner more comfortable to clean. Many shark brand vacuum cleaners use the new technology “Zero-M Self” – a cleaning brush roll, which has been developed to avoid hair wrap.

3. Do not overfill the dustbin

When bags or dust containers are full of trash, the airways get clogged which reduces suction power. It also makes the machine work more and consumes more electricity, or it may cause damage. Sometimes your vacuum cleaner may stop suddenly. The reason could be that the garbage container is full, and that could lead to overheating. Therefore, when you see that the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner is about two-thirds full, you should clean it.

4. Do not use the vacuum cleaner for too long

You should not run the device for too long as it could overheat and break down. Ideally, after about 30 to 45 minutes of running your vacuum, you should let the machine rest for about 5 minutes.

5. Use the appropriate nozzles and tools

Almost every type of vacuum cleaner comes with a kit with many different nozzles. Your job is to choose the nozzle that suits the position you are working on.

With the included accessories, you can your vacuum on carpets or other hard floors. These items often have separate symbols for easy identification.

For the corner of the wall or places like bookshelves, and shelves, you should use a small nozzle.

For large objects, you can use suction heads with a larger diameter to suck.

Before you want to replace the nozzle, you should remember to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

To sum up, even the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews  on the market needs to be used correctly. So, we hope that you will find the above information useful.

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