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A Few Types of Onions

by Austin Atkins (2021-01-17)

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We eat onions every single day. I think it would be a boring day without onions in something. We always have the same type of onion so planting a variety will give us some of the onions we don’t usually buy.
Zuchinni, Mmmm
When zuchinni is done properly and not over cooked in any way it rocks. And then there’s Essayedge Review. I could eat the whole thing myself.
Hopefully the Zuchinni I planted, twice, survives, thrives and makes us many little babies. I planted it in our little garden and once we thought about it we knew it was going to take over, so I moved it to a new location.
Beet, I Love Beets
Beets go way back for me. I think I was 8 years old before I had my first beet. That was when I moved to the farm and experienced a lot of food I had never had.
Potatoes in Containers
Beets and potatoes would have to be my top 2 veggies, and I love potatoes with everything.
I didn’t have much room left in our little New Brunswick backyard garden so I planted the potatoes in big containers. I’m really curious to see if they will gain any size. If not we love baby potatoes.


Sever from Thoughts of Medium of exchange

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I know making bundle is weighty, but it can also be a huge distraction. Looking for infrequently, unplug from that impulse that makes you lack to meditate on just... Read more

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