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Once we got

by Kristine Sisk (2020-12-15)

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Once we got there we discovered that it was actually two city lots forsale and it was pretty much the same price as the previous property we missed out on. Now we were getting excited but we did our best to hide any excitement. Our minds were racing with backyard garden ideas.
We saw the second lot as a great place for a backyard vegetable garden area with plenty of myassignmenthelp offers for a few nice flower gardens.
I guess our faces were giving us away because we saw Rick smiling as we were doing our best to remain calm.
The entire properties were surrounded by a mess fence covered with lush green bushes making for an amazing privacy fence on three sides. We have never had privacy and for that reason were never backyard people, but we always wanted to be.
Backyard garden ideas were filling our minds making it hard to keep a straight face. We looked at each other at every turn, smiling from ear to ear when Rick wasn’t looking. Eventually we both burst out laughing and the cat was out of the bag. We loved it.
It’s three years later as I am writing this post but we still love it even though we have had to put a lot of work into our yard and will still be working on it for years to come, but that part of what we love. It’s quickly becoming the home of our dreams and a great place to retire.


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